Our Promise

SafeChat is bullet proof and cannot be broken which is unique in the field of secured data.  It is used by leading international banks.  The consumer version for personal data which we are now offering under SafChat is designed to offer the same exact security that institutions use, tailored for individual private applications.  In addition to the security, which is world class, is we offer the ability to control the secured data in terms of how long it can be accessed, by whom it can be accessed, controlling of copying, saving and forwarding.  Additionally, cloud data can be controlled in the same manner.  This is valuable for multiple applications whether it is intimate information for your attorney, doctor, or financial adviser.  Likewise, we secure data on your device in case your device is lost.  If it is lost, you can contact SafChat and it will block access of your personal data which would require your password, in which case, the individual having your device, most likely could not open anyway.  Calling us assures that it is locked from anyone accessing.


Our Approach

Our Approach

The need for an unbreakable, unsnappable secure data creation, storage, and transmission with controls of those digital assets, once sent, is the goal of many technologies entering the market.  SafChat is built upon the award winning .Safe technology developed by NSA trained programmers.  The main driver for SafChat is for an adult mature audience to have access to what prior youth orientated digital tools have addressed.  The adult needs to be able to send, secure, and control personal data related to business, medical, legal, financial, and family matters.  Along those lines we have developed different user interfaces with assistance for the creation of the ideal recipient profile.


Our Story