What is SafChat?

  • SafChat is a program for multiple mobile and computer platforms that allows senders to secure data for storage on their devices and the Cloud as well as securely send the data via email or other methods such as texts, WhatsApp, Cloud sharing, FTP, etc., and further add digital rights management controls (DRM) to what the recipient can and cannot do with the secured files sent to them.
  • SafChat is a tool to fully secure when stored at rest and control in transit key digital files including personal, intellectual and creative property, financial, medical data/HIPAA files, and legal documents.
  • It is an identity management tool as well assuring the person accessing the files is in fact the person you sent the data to.

How Does It Work?

  • SafChat works on a combination of authentication tools including the specific password, email identity, and machine code registration to allow only registered individuals and devices to access the secured files.
  • The application further allows the sender to specify what can be done with the data once received, and for how long, using the DRM controls in the application.

What is SafChat used for?

  • Completely prevent data loss or theft. This is done by enclosing data in a .SFE wrapper and storing it either on your device (Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or server, and cloud storage as well, a most vulnerable home for controlling data otherwise). The is securing the data "at rest".
  • Transmitting the data and keeping it completely secure is another key dynamic feature, where data sent is to be opened only by the receiving party on their registered device and for their eyes only.
  • If a device is stolen, either sender's or recipients, we immediately deregister it on being notified and stop anyone's ability to open a .SFE file on the stolen devices.
  • But the dynamic uses of .SFE just begin at the point of sending files, where a picture, document, song, etc. in any data format is controlled by the sender as to who can do what with it, including Save, Print, Forward, and/or Copy.

What was SafChat developed for?

SFE technology was developed for securing enterprise data and SafChat runs on the exact same platform a Fortune 50 company or institution uses for its officers and employees to secure company data. SafChat is the consumer application where the corporate controls and monitoring functions are not part of the application.

What is B4Iforget?

Our "B4IForget" App is where you can safely store your key secret data and files only you can safely store your key secret data and files only you can access and assure not only is forgetting not possible but loosing or having it stolen is no longer a fear. Only you can open it. We designed this to allow access only by your identity and anyone you designate, hence a family member, doctor, attorney, or designated person you earlier decided you wanted to receive the information. A digital safety deposit box as it were.

What other features are unique to SafChat?

This link gives a technical review of the many unique features and functions .SFE files, the basis of SafChat technology, can add to everyone's life in the digital world.

What are the biggest advantages?

  • In addition to securing data on devices, SafChat’s format, .SFE secures data stored in the Cloud from theft as well as thumb /USB drives and other external storage devices.
  • If a computer is hacked the SafChat files stored in a .SFE extension will not be able to be opened, thus securing the data form unauthorized intrusion. Likewise, if the computer, tablet, or phone is stolen, the owner can immediately put a lockdown on the data in .SFE format and no one can access it, this accomplished by texting, emailing, or phoning the Hotline and confirming a theft.
  • On the proactive side, having the .SFE digital rights allows the owner/sender to add multiple controls to the data which opens up sharing in controlled situations otherwise unable to be managed. This applies to a multiple list of legal, financial, IP, and related personal data requiring strict security and confidentiality.
  • Specific Example Applications include www.B4IForget.com secured storage service which is essentially a digital safety deposit box that can be placed on your device, a designated Cloud server of your choice, or the optional B4IForget Cloud Server. This option for storing, backing up, and controlling key data and access to it is invaluable for passwords, legal matters, health matters, and personal items where a forgetful event can prove serious. Access can be granted and removed based on the specific files.
  • This service has the advantages of controlling access to data others you want to access it, when they can access it, and under what conditions they can access it.