Our Technology

Based on proven and award winning .SAFE patented technology

SafChat General Applications

Beyond just securing data in transit and ultra private communications when using texts, emails, and FTP.

Custom Applications

Medical, Financial, Legal, and Personal. Personal custom interfaces allow consumers to modify the user experience/interface to suit their unique need and style.

Custom User Interfaces/UXperience

The SafChat app will provide key design elements to allow the individual consumer to address those related recipients in that specific sector to receive exactly what is intended and controlled accordingly.

Benefits and Comparisons

SafChat is built on the NSA proof .SAFE Best in Class patented cyber security platform. It is unable to be cracked, hacked, stolen, broken, or "Snapped", providing the most secure way to create, store, send, and manage all forms of digital data and files, including those stored in the Cloud. SafChat: Stronger, more secure, identity management with ultimate flexibility and control

SafChat Applications

Medical, Financial, Legal, Personal