SafChat General Applications

SafChat gives you the power to secure your and add not only access controls but a variety of digital rights where you can control the function once sent of your data. This applies to your devices and cloud storage services, and assures no one can see, access, or steal your data on the safety side, and more so gives you a  robust option list of how you share your data and files.


Custom APPlications

Once secured, one more level of control is sending it with the added tools we give you to control Sunrise (when the recipient can open it), Sunset (when you can have the file stop being visible on the recipient's device) and custom controls using our unique Digital Rights Management tools. The sector specific user interface will allow various industries and users to integrate seamlessly with SafChat's flexible formatting.



Additional tools in SafeSuite that SafChat users have full access to are: SafCloud for maximally secured storage, SafFolder for on device data storage and organizing, and B4IForget, our digital safety deposit box for unique data access of key items that are critical for mission data and personal requirements for easy ongoing access.


Benefits & Comparisons

SafChat is built on proven and award winning patented cyber security technology.  It has been awarded best in class email security by review of its peers.  It is proven to be free from the common cracking, hacking, theft, breaking, or Snapping, providing the most secure way to create, store, send, and manage all forms of digital data and files, including those stored in the Cloud. SafChat: Stronger, more secure, identity management with ultimate flexibility and control