SafChat allows control of text, messages, emails, and data we send to friends, family, co-workers, business contacts, and related agencies.

SafChat is ideally suited when requiring secured data and email transmissions coupled with sender defined with digital controls that allows control of the sent data and how it is or is not stored and used by the recipient.

This is done with patented and proven, award winning cyber security technologies that are suitable for all types of security levels from daily social interactions to military grade security.



Many Functions

SafChat allows storing key personal data on a variety of digital devices, computers, thumb/ USB drives, Cloud servers, and mobile devices.

Once the file(s) are made into the .SFE format only the registered owner on his registered device has access to the files, or the recipient he or she designates and sends the files to.

Sunrise and Sunset functions means the sender can set the time the file can be opened and the time the file vanishes should that be desired. This has multiple uses in social, political, business, and multiple other digital data applications.