The need to share financial data, key personal information, Trust data, and multiple related Estate and private financial planning, not to mention corporate financial data which must be a "for your eyes only" transmission to legal counsel as well as practical day to day needs such as printing financial reports where the public cannot access the to be released data ahead of schedule, and multiple other instances the sender must control access, by whom and for how long as well as control of saving and forwarding key private data, SafChat becomes the key tool for sending and receiving, storing and sharing critical financial data.


Likewise, in crypto currencies, securing one's account data, key passwords, wallet balances, etc. requires not only securing on one's devices, whether desktop, laptop, mobile, or cloud, having SafChat as the means of securing the data at rest on the device as a .SFE file only you can open on your device, or send it with the added controls SafChat allows to assure transmission and receipt is secure and defined as to how long and to whom access is granted as well as digital rights (saving, printing, copying, forwarding) controlled according to your needs.